Thursday, 5 May 2011

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - In Progress

If you don't already know I'm writing a review on the game Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood on my other blog:

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Now I apologize for the long time between posts but I'm preparing a review for the AC: BH story very soon.
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Thursday, 14 April 2011


Bulletstorm is a game made for skill shots, killing people brutally and getting paid for it.
So not paying so much attention to a good story is excusable due to the fact that they weren't going for one.

It's really nothing to write home about, but it does keep all the bloodshed and the dick jokes together.

The game follows Grayson Hunt, A former member of the "Dead Echo" band of mercenaries hired to defend a future confederation. Along side his ally "Ishi Sato"

When Dead Echo members Grayson Hunt and Ishi Sato discover that they had been working on the wrong side, Killing innocent civilians to cover up for the confederation, Grayson turns against his squad commander "General Serrano" and end up being exiled along with the rest of "Dead Echo" to the edges of the galaxy With a bounty on their heads, Working as pirates against the confederation.

Grayson quickly turns into a drunken vengeful maniac with a happy trigger finger who only contemplates the consequences of his actions when directly confronted by them....usually in a near death experience.

You start in your own little ship where you stumble upon the great "Ulysses", Serrano's ship.

Grayson's drunken vengeance acts up and decides to take up the Ulysses with his little ship...Shooting a freight train with a squirt gun.
He lost, surprise surprise.

Ended up in a last minute Kamikaze stunt, going headfirst into the thrusters of the Ulysses, and coming out the other side (intact O.o)

But it wasn't just HIS head, It was the entire crew, Only 4 survived, Grayson, Doc, A guy I can't remember, and ISHI within an inch of his life, Doc patches him up barely with robot parts, turning him half cyborg.

Both you and the Ulysses crash land on the lovely family resort planet "Stygia"
5 seconds later you find out something on that planet went horribly wrong.

Only Grey and Ishi survive, Ishi can barely hold his AI half (that can't wait to rip Grayson apart) in place.

Oh yeah, and there was some chick.

You fight through the planet to get to serrano so you can use his escape pods to get off the planet. Where you end up working under him just because you need him (I loved that part).

And in the end, You kick serrano into a wall of spikes impaling him completely.
Ishi sacrifices himself for you, and you and the chicka get off the planet.

Only to find out, Serrano isn't dead...he got OUT of the wall of spikes somehow and lived...also he repaired Ishi, who has been completely taken over by his AI counterpart.

"God.......Is dead" - Ishi.

An ending made just to spawn a sequel....Way to end my fun with a crap to the throat.

But you know what? I don't care, I enjoyed the gameplay too much to care about the ending.
The rest of the story was good enough for me.

I hope they don't repeat that in Bulletstorm 2 (they made it clear enough there was one coming).

That's probably it for the story, For the actual game review head up to:

For what IGN thinks:

As previously stated, this is only my personal opinion of the game.

Thank you for reading.
Me love you long time.


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